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Sia’s TOP Secrets.

The music world sometimes can be weird and exciting at the same time because it reveals new artist that have a life like us which they don’t want to be revealed. Sia is been in the music business for more then 20 years but she became famous only recently. In the mid 90’s she started her career as a singer in Adelaide (Australia), performing for small crowds. Her full name is Sia Kate Isobelle Furler¬† but obviously everybody knows her for SIA.

Since when she became famous in every performance she has never revealed her face.

The song that made her famous is the following which you have already heard for sure !!!!

There are a few more thing that you probably didn’t know about her and i am going to reveal them to you right now!!!!

Did you know she was vegan ???

In 2014 she revealed on twitter to be fully vegan after she watched a movie on some people that were put on a test onto being vegan. She admitted that being vegan made her feel different giving her a lot of positive changes!!!

She is an EXTREME animal Lover !!!

At one stage she had rescue three homeless dogs. Sia raised a lot of money trough campaign and association for animal violence and animal homeless as very connected with nature and as well vegan is logic that she would of been that type of person!!!


In 2013 she said to have dated predominately man but not only. She had also dated woman but not enough to recognise a lesbian!!!! Sometimes we think we know everything but unfortunately we don’t!!!


You’ll probably be thinking “nooooo, really !?!?!?” During a magazine interview Sia revealed that she has been diagnosed for bipolar disorder, an form of depression that bring the person to have high and low pitch of humours. The year 2000 was very hard for herbut fortunately she has been pretty open about it . In 2010 she left a note talking about suicide but as you know thank god she went trough and became a winner!!!

HER FACE !?!?!?

well in this article i am going to reveal Sia’s real face but you probably don’t know the reasons why she didn’t want her face to be shown. Well the main reason is that unfortunately being famous is not easy as you probably think so she wanted to be famous and at the same time being free to go and just buy something from the chemist !!!!!

So just below you’ll see Sia’s real face .


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