Watch the full trailer of 2Pac new movie – ALL EYEZ ON ME – 2Pac’s life (why he died) !!!!


Well when it comes to  gangsta rap and Rap/Hip-Hop 90’s how can you not think about the famous legend 2Pac. He has been one of the pioneer of the rap music especially the “gangsta” rap.

2Pac unfortunately died at the age of 25 on the 13th of September 1996. He was shot 6 times and unfortunately one of the bullet went trough his lung. He was brought to hospital but he died 6 days after because the injury were too bad. That day he was going to a party after he  watched a boxing match of Mike Tyson.

2Pac death has been a mystery  for more then 20 years, the shooter has never been found. People have been guessing for all this years who shot 2Pac, there are many suspect but nothing is sure !!!

During the movie history many movies were created about rapper’s life, 50 cent’s movie “Get rich or die trying” or Biggie small’s movie “Notorius” but a a big piece of the puzzle was missing and thanks god in 2017 the missing piece has been found.

I personally was waiting for this moment for a long time. They just had to make a movie on 2Pac, how couldn’t they do it!?

The movie has to be watched because i am sure will be one of your favourites movie ever. Do yourself a favour, don’t watch it home it will be a waste, you have to watch it on the big scree so that you can enjoy it 100 percent. So just don’t find excuses book your ticket at the cinema and go to watch it!

The trailer already gives you many hint on how good the movie is going to be. Leave a comment and let me know how excited you are, let me know how much you love 2Pac.

Have a good one, THUG LIFE !