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When  it comes down to music especially the “crunk” genre we have to talk about the American rapper and producer Lil Jon. His real name is Jonathan Smith and he was born in Atlanta, Georgia on the 17th of January 1971.


Before becoming famous he created a group formed by him and  “The East Side Boyz ” which  released songs until 2004. In 2000 Lil Jon decide to open up his own label called BME Recordings.  Once his career was already started he had a lot of followers which went to see him on a concert at Atlanta  and every single one of them was blown away from the energy that Lil Jon and all his team had. That’s how he was talked about as “the new Guy” because of the quick growth of is audience.

But of course you probably don’t know a few things about him and that’s why i am here.

5 things you don’t know about Lil Jon


#1. Too energetic.

Considering the energy that Lil jhon has, not to talk about his voice ….. you probably think he is a party animal. Well during an interview he admitted that is favourite place ton be is on the couch at home ahahaha unbelievable !!!

#2. Hair style.

Have you ever realised how long is hair are !?!?!? Well he is been growing them since 1990!!!!!

#3. Green tea!?!?!

Living the dream like Lil Jon is not really a big influence on his life style. You probably think that a musician, especially a rapper is always in that party environment and most likely  drinking a lot of alcohol well… surprise surprise…. Lil Jon during a magazine interview revealed that he loves green tea and he drinks about 4 cups a day !!!

#4. Winery!!!

Lil Jon hides a second life, in fact when he is not making music or djing, his passion goes for the wine, his own brand !!!

Little Jonathan Winery. He opened his own winery admitting that the idea came from nowhere, he also said during an interview that he is not a wine expert but he really likes to taste it !!!

#5. Guinness World Records

The rapper and producer got into the Guinness  World Records book for owning the largest Diamond pendant ever. He named it “Crunk ain’t dead” is worth about half of a million dollar and holds about 73 diamonds. He declared During an interview to be really proud of his piece of jewellery and even more proud to be in the Guinness World Records book

Well i hope you enjoyed and that now you know more about the famous Lil Jon , leave a comment if you know more interesting facts about him .

Peace and love, have a good one!!!!