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Top!! ONE MAN, 100 things to know!!!


Every couple of years or so, we come across new artists that, proposes different types of music or simply just a new way to express music. Listener are craving of these artists, one example is the new born star Ed Sheeran.

Born as Edward Christopher Sheeran on the 17th of january 1991, he represents today a big music icon figure. The very talented Ed is a guitarist, song writer and producer. He attended  the Academy of Contemporary Music and thanks to the qualification, he was able to fully be ready for is musical career.

People that went to see him live on concert declared, that he was amazing to watch as in  all his concert  he gives the best of himself and everything is played LIVE!!!!!!


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#1. Guitar name’s!!!

ED is a guitar fanatic. The guitar is what he is actually specialised in, is funny that he gives to every of his guitar a name. They are called Lloyd, Felix, Cyril, Trevor, Keith, Nigel and James The Second.

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Ed Sheeran has a lot of good humour, in fact, when he was young a video was taken while he stuffs 40 Maltesers in his mouth!!! Ahahah, Will that be a Guinness World Record???

#3. ESCAPE plan.

ED declared that he’s trying to get the New Zealand residence. Apparently he said that in case a war starts, New Zealand will be to far from the war to get involved. He is not wrong !!!!!! Especially with what is going on in the world these days.

#4. Cat’s…. matter!!!

Sheeran in 2014 created a twitter account for his kitten who got more than 80.000 followers overnight with the photo right under here. Amazing as you can see he is also an animal lover !!!! Thumbs up for him !!! Follow his cat on Twitter @GrahamShizza.

#5. Writing is Passion.

Other then being a good musician, performing with guitars and other instruments all around the world, he also has a very good song writing reputation. In fact he wrote songs for him self and for many other artist like the ONE DIRECTION. His music is everything he needs to live as you can see!!!

#6. TALENT OR PRACTICE????Image result for ed sheeran guitars

He was born in a very respectful family. His brother has studied music qualifying him self as a composer of classical music. Since a young age ED was in the music world. When he was four years old he started to sing for the church, straight after he approached the guitar and that was it!!! During an interview he showed a video before e got famous and he wasn’t really great. He admitted to practice a lot and that music took over his life in a good way!!

#7. NANDO’S!?!?!?

He proudly admitted to be the older of a Nando’s black card  which allows him to get free food from the fast food place!!! he also admitted to take advantage of it but not extremely. He states ” I always get medium meal, i don’t like to over order, it’s not worth it. If i abuse it next morning are gonna be big trouble !!!!! ”




Well Ed Sheeran as you could see is full of positive energy, that’s why everybody loves him!!

We need more artists like him. If you enjoyed the article share it with your friend and leave a comment if you know more intersting things about him.

All the best  peace and love !!!!