Do you love Bruno Mars??? Surround yourself with some COOL accessories of Bruno Mars !!! – Only the best!



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We love him all the way!!!

The famous music star Bruno Mars, in the last five years has been the new playboy icon for woman and definitely a new model  to follow for man !!!

Listener go crazy for his music which is really funky and groove , but not only!!! His look makes woman go crazy and it seems like to be the new Elvis Presley of our era!!

People just love him and they are not wrong!! During concert they wear clothes of Mars and i have seen some really cool accessories that people wear!!! It’s amazing!!!!

Find out some cool accessories of Bruno Mars.


I always wanted some accessories personalised because they are cool and related to your favourite artist, that’s why a did a research on some nice and cool accessories related to Bruno Mars so that you can see him and bring him anywhere you’ll want ahahah :D.

Woman T-Shirt

Woman are generally the toImage result for bruno mars woman tshirtp fans of Bruno Mars. We all know that, ahahah. I am sure this beautiful T-Shirt is great!!! It seems very cool and then even goes with everything!!! There are so many other model. Very lovable, His face looks so good on the T-Shirt ahahah.

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 Man T-Shirt

Well i knoImage result for bruno mars tshirtw,  men are probably less excited about a T-Shirt with Bruno mars face on it, but, i had to be equal 🙂 !!! It is cool though!! I think the T-Shirt will look much better on a man then a woman!!! This is simple, it can be worn on a jeans, nice and casual 😉

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24K Magic Drawstring Backpack String Bag


Come on, yImage result for Bruno Mars 24K Magic Drawstring Backpack String Bag Be the first to review this itemou must admit, this bag is cool!!! I love it!! i am definitely going to get one!!!

Image going to gym with this bag. This is such a cool idea. Look at the picture ahahah, he is posing pretty well in that photo ahaha, very cool i love this!!!

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Hand Bag


Angelinana Fashion Bruno Mars Printed Canvas Girl And Women Shopping Bag Two Side Tote BagHo ho ho!!!! Look at this!!! If you are going to a Bruno Mars concert, make sure you bring this bag with you ahahah.

Anything with his face looks good an cool, i don’t know why but it’s just like that. Definitely this one goes into my present lists!!!!

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Image result for bruno mars coffee mugI can’t believe it ….. even the mug !!!! Read the phrase on it, is sooooo funny !!! Finally from today i can start enjoying every coffee of the day, knowing that Bruno thinks that i’m amazing just the way i am  !!!


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Key ring.


Bruno Mars #1 Aluminum Rectangle plate Keychain (1-Sided) Includes key ring.I knew they would of have a key ring, it was obvious, the key ring is indispensable especially when has Bruno Mars in it!!!!! 😀

I couldn’t not post it, the key ring is always there ahahaha!!!!

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iPhone cover


Are you always with your phone in your hands and people tell you  that you are anti-social????

Well this is the solution for your problem. Put the cover on your phone and because you’ll be amazed watching Bruno Mars on the back of the phone, you’ll use your phone much less!!! 😀

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Fidget spinner


The new trend couldn’t miss Bruno. Look at this fidget spinner.

Do you get bored???? How cool is this spinner ahahahah love it. I honestly wasn’t expecting to find this gadget



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Student school bag


Custom Bruno Mars Backpack Students School Bag Outdoor Backpack

There is even a school bag !?!?!? I can’t believe it . You think how cool the kid that wears the bag at school will feel !!!!

He’ll be like :” you know who is this??? 24K !!! comprehend????”

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Case/Sun glasses cover

I put this last because it is my favourite !!!! Sun glasses cover!!! How cool is that, love it. That’s it now is all over no more scratched sun glasses, Bruno will keep them safe for me !!!!

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So now from tomorrow you can finally surround yourself with His beauty and be hypnotised by him every moment of the day  and anywhere you are, come on you must admit these were really good gadgets!!!! Only the best. Don’t let people think you are obsessed about Bruno Mars …… You love him, and that’s it END OF THE STORY.


Ahahahah hope you enjoyed!! peace and love .