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The young and hot man, like women describe,  has only become famous in 2008 after a talented music manager discovered him on Youtube, while he was singing a song. Straight after he was discovered, the manager contacted him and since that day his music career started!!

Justin has been judged a lot by his fans and his haters!!! But this didn’t put his young mind and his cheeky figure down. To be in the business since  young age like Michael Jackson proofs already for him to be a strong minded person.

You have probably heard on the news or on social media about his weird way to deal with things and the bad decision he made!!!

Well is time to reveal you some more and inform you about things of Justin that you probably didn’t know.

TOP 7 Things you didn’t KNOW about JUSTIN BIEBER.

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#1. Family issues.

Yes Justin is very famous and has a lot of money. Many people judge him for that but did you know that, his parents were never married and Bieber mom had to grow him up with a low income, of course it wasn’t easy!!! He deserved his success more then some people do!!! No matter all this issues with the dad, he always kept in touch with him. He is so cute !!!

#2. Real TALENT.

He has crushed a lot of women’s heart  for his music and for his look. But, is there something behind the scene??? Well, i don’t know if you have ever seen him LIVE, his voice is very good, that’s why people loves him. Did you know he is not only good at singing, also good at playing instrument ??? Look at the video below i won’t comment it because it comments it self .

#3. Brother and sister???

Before we mentioned him having a tough childhood, he was the only child between his parents and fully raised by his mom, but his father, Jeremy Bieber, had more relationship along his life, leaving for Justin two younger half-siblings. Jazmyn Bieber born in 2009 and Jaxon Bieber born just one year after in 2010.


It may seems weird but Justin has a Mentor. Now you may think it will be an other musician, take a guess, you won’t believe it. Will Smith !!! Yes, one of the most famous actor of Hollywood is Justin Bieber mentor, apparently according to what will says they speak about once a week. Good on you both!!! Great Friendship.

#4. Rubix Cube.

Not only a musician. Justin can surprise anyone, anytime of the day, in fact, did you know he can solve a Rubix Cube in less then two minutes!!! Look at the video !!!!! I leave the comment to the video !! AMAZING!!!


Other then being a great musician, he has a big heart , in fact once the Bieber was late to one of his concert in Salt Lake City because he went to visit one of his fan to the hospital. She was 7 years old affected by Leukaemia. He was late because he made sure to spent enough time with the little girl!!! This proofs that he has a big and soft heart, thumbs UP for him !!!!!

#6. Career relationship.

Justin was found on the web by a famous talent manager which made him famous. But the relationship didn’t last very long. During his early famous stage Usher has been his manager launching his real music career. Voices around says that at first usher didn’t really like him but with time he got to understand the young man and turned him into a real super star!!!!

 #7. Hair style.

Being young artist means have to look very good, the best of the best. Justin is a hair style fanatic and wanting to get always the best hair cut possible.  A gossip release declares that Justin has spent up to 750 $ on a hair cut!!! Not bad !!! that’s why is hair always look good ahahah

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Over all Justin Bieber is not that bad, most of the fact above proofs to you that he is a good man !!! As he is growing always showing to his fans is maturity and his great music which is the main survival source for the new super star!!

Hope you liked the article.

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