Multifunction Sampler – The Elektron Octatrack

The Elektron Octatrack.

The music technology is moving fast, faster then we all think. MPC, MPD, midi keyboard and all the rest they are always evolving. Today we introduce the coolest multifunction sampler, the Elektron Octatrack. This Multifunction sampler is very advanced and you can basically do anything you want with it. Manipulating and sampling music thanks to this Multifunction sampler is quick! Sampling, slicing and composing all built into a compact device easy to carry around and smarter then the human brain. Before getting some good sound out of this Multifunction sampler, quite a bit of practice just to getting confident with the device is a MUST. In the video below a detailed review and overview about the product to let you know how much this Multifunction sampler can do! Look at his compact design, it just looks amazing!

Multi function Sampler Elektron Octatrack.

Look at the Multifunction Sampler Elektron Octatrack description to see all its functionality.


If you are looking for something really compact, easy to carry and that you can use for Live Performance or Studio purposes. This Multifunction sampler is definitely what you will want. Thanks to its advanced and professional built, it is probably at the moment the best option that a live performer can have. Other then being able to manipolate sample with different LFO you can also slice the loop in preferred section and rearrange the loops, changing completely the feel of the song. Look at his compact design and how good it looks.

Elektron Octatrack.


Lastly, Multifunction Samplers are the ultimate and best way to perform live these days, especially if added to other type of equipment. There are millions music combinations and patterns that you could use when interacting with this professional Multifunction Sampler. All you really need before starting to use the devise is your creativity. Look at the video you’ll be amaze on what this Multifunction Sampler is able to do