5 of The Best Microphones for Recording Rap Vocals.

Best Microphones for Recording Rap Vocals.


To obtain the best result when recording your rap vocals, you’ll need a good microphone, of course. There are so many microphone out there and if you don’t know which one is best for you, deciding the one to buy can be quite a challenging task. After a lot of research and just by asking my friends that rap, i came up with 5 of the best microphones for recording rap vocals.

Everybody has a different financial situation and a different budget to follow. For this reason i came up with the best microphones for recording rap vocals going from as little as $100 to more than $600. Obviously the price has a big influence on the quality of the microphone and consequence the quality of the recording. But you’ll be surprised on how good a recording can be even if you have a microphone that is worth as little as $100.


Dynamic or Condenser?

Like i mentioned before, there are different microphone types out there. As a producers, i know for a fact that there are two types of microphones that are the most used. Dynamic and Condenser. Dynamic microphones are generally better for live performance, as they have a wider sound pick up pattern. Condenser microphones are appropriate for recording vocals. Condenser are the ideal microphones for a studio environment. Their recording has much more sound quality than a condenser microphone. For this reasons, my research has been done on condenser microphones.


A microphone by it self unfortunately is not enough. There are other accessories that go with it in order to record and also increase the quality of your recording. Before you buy individual accessories like pop filter, mic stand, shock mount, sound proof wall etc. i highly advice to look for packs. Sometime when buying a microphone they give you some of the accessories with it and is much cheaper than buying them individually. Also looking for second hand gear can be a good option, you’ll save a few bucks.


5 of The Best Microphones for Recording Rap Vocals.


Audio-Technica AT2020


The Audio-Technica AT2020 is definitely a great microphone if you consider its price. When talking about Brand, it is the most popular microphone sold from Audio-Technica. The built quality is worth more than its price, full metal body and it feels very substantial. It comes with mount made with metal which means its going to last a long time.

The AT2020 Frequency response is 20Hz to 20KHz which is pretty much everything you want in a microphone.Thanks to its great Frequency response, it can pick up any audible frequency that the human ear can hear. It is a standard condenser microphone so you will need either an audio interface or a phantom power supply.The microphone has a Cardioid Polar Pattern therefore means it will pick up sounds only when transmitting them to the front. The recording quality is definitely high and you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, i think this is a Great Microphone. Its price and quality makes of the AT2020 one of the best microphone for recording Rap Vocals. Highly recommended!


Frequency response: 20HZ to 20KHZ

SPL (Sound Pressure Level): +144 db





Rode NT1A


Looking at an higher price range, the Rode NT1A is the best microphone you could own. It is a very good investment if you are wanting to buy a long lasting microphone for recording rap vocals. The built of the Rode NT1A is amazing. It is not made in China (don’t mean to discriminate China) but where the company is from, Australia. The NT1A is built with high quality materials and it has been recognised as a standard microphone for studio recording by the music industry. Strong, compact, clean and can be also used for recording instruments other than rap vocals. So if you other than rapping also play an instrument, this microphone will be the best choice for its price range.

The Frequency response, like the AT2020  goes from 20HZ to 20KHz. The NT1A though, has a better pick up on higher then low frequencies, meaning that it’s more appropriate for vocal recordings, but like i said before it still can record instruments very well. For the same matter when recording high frequencies, the sound can be pretty harsh so don’t go to crazy on it. The NT1A has a Cardioid Polar Pattern so the sound is picked up from its front. It connects with XLR cable therefore also for this microphone you’ll need a separate phantom supply or an audio interface.

Overall, if considering its price, the warmth and quality of the sounds and all the accessories that comes with it, you can’t go wrong. This is definitely with no doubt one of the best microphone for recording rap vocals.


Frequency response: 20HZ to 20KHZ

SPL (Sound Pressure Level): +137 db





AKG C214



Well, if you are getting serious about rapping the AKG C214 is what you are looking for. it is a very versatile microphone and it can record instruments very well other then vocals. The built is all metal, making the C214 very solid and almost indestructible. This microphone has been built following the AKG C414 model. With this microphone you can record rap vocals like a pro and with some EQ and compression you’ll obtain a very high quality recording.

The C214 is a condenser microphone with a large diaphragm which means that the sound it will pick up will be much more warm then a small diaphragm condenser. It connects with XLR cable (audio interface or separate phantom power supply needed). The AKG C214 has 2 switch, one on each side. Switchable 20dB attenuator and bass-cut filter for close-up recording. Producers loves this microphone because of its versatility. It also comes with an hard case so that you can protect it 100 % plus a stand mount and a fitted pop filter.

Finally, overviewing the C214, we can say that it is an high quality microphone recognised and used by many studio producers. The built, the recording quality, the switches and the cheap price makes of it a semi professional Microphone with no doubt. It is a piece of gear that you’ll love to have for recording the best rap vocals.


Frequency response: 45HZ to 20KHZ

SPL (Sound Pressure Level): +156 db




Rode NTK


This microphone, the Rode NTK is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. Like we mentioned before for the NT1A, the Rode microphones are made in Australia. The company puts a lot of effect into building microphones, using good quality material and a fantastic design. The Rode NTK feels very solid and it comes with its own power supply so you won’t need to get an audio interface or a separate power supply. It is a Professional microphone used by many famous artists and music producers.

This is the ultimate best microphone for recording rap vocals in my opinion. It has a brilliant pick up of low frequency and that makes of it an excellent microphone for recording vocals and solo instrument. It has a really warm, crispy and clean sound. You’ll be amazed of the recording quality you can get with this microphone. The price is quite high but if you consider the overall capability of the microphone, the price is really good.

The Rode NTK is one of my favourite microphone because of its pick up. I owned one for a few years when i was doing recording session for a friend of mine. He loved it that much that i sold it to him at the end. He still uses it. I spoke with him a few month ago and he told me that it is the best microphone he ever had. The NTK will be your best friend if you are wanting to record rap vocals. I definitely recommend it as it is in my opinion the best microphone for recording rap vocals.


Frequency response: 20HZ to 20KHZ

SPL (Sound Pressure Level): +158 db






Neumann TLM 102


Finally, the Neumann TLM 102. A professional microphone in all aspects. It is very small if you compare it to other microphones. The build is quite amazing, full metal body and full metal grill, it feels very compact. Many studio recording use the TLM 102 as it is a standard recognised microphone for recording.

The TLM 102 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. As all the microphones listed in this article, it needs a separate phantom power supply or audio interface to work. The recording on this thing is excellent even though i prefer the Rode NTK for its better response on low frequency, making the recording sound very warm. The TLM 102 has  a better pick up on higher frequency without making them sound harsh and also a nice and smooth pick up on lower frequency. It is very versatile, you can record not only rap vocals but also a bunch of instruments.

Overall, the TLM 102 is an excellent microphone. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are a beginner or a semi professional because it cost quite a lot of money. But let me tell you, if you have the money to buy it, this will be a good investment for your recording. Thanks to its smooth pick up on low frequency this is the best microphone for recording rap vocals out of all of them. You can’t go wrong with the Neumann TLM 102. Compering it to other microphones within its price range, this is the best i could find.


Frequency response: 20HZ to 20KHZ

SPL (Sound Pressure Level): +144 db




The Microphones i’ve listed, are in my opinion the best one around. When it comes to recording you want to get the best gear to obtain the best result. I hope i’ve been helpful for you. Stay connected with us, visit our forum and be part of our the A.M.P. Community. Join for FREE. Hope to see you there!