Discovering the Pioneer DDJ ERGO (Video Review)

Pioneer DDJ ERGO

There are a lot of controllers, mixers, turntables and Dj equipment out there and today we will be reviewing one of the smallest and simplest DDJ controller, The PIONEER DDJ ERGO. It is a very compact Dj controller and i love it. The best part about this DJ controller is the fact of carrying it around. It’s very easy to carry, set up and start playing.

Obviously this controller is not really advanced, i would say it is perfect for a beginner DJ or just somebody  that wants to have fun with it. You could easily run a party with the DDJ ERGO. I actually used it for a wedding!


Cool Features

Some of the cool features are the Sampler, the Auto Loop, and Hot cues. You can slide your laptop under the mixer so that everything is even more compact, i must admit, that’s very cool! Love it!

Pioneer DDJ ERGO review

At first it may seems like a kid toy, but once you get familiar with it you’ll love it! The jog wheels are not very accurate but they get the scratch done and that is all it matters really!

As default i think it comes with Virtual Dj but you could pretty much use it with any DJ Software, i personally use Rekordbox.


Why buying the DDJ ERGO?

Like i said before i love this controller because it’s easy to carry, plus you can connect it and start playing in no time! For all the functions that it offers its price is reasonably cheap!

Pioneer is probably the number one in its industry and when it comes to design, functionality and price you can be sure they are giving you the best deal.

Definitely a very good controller, excellent for beginners but not necessarily, it all depends how you are going to use it.



Reading sometimes is boring and it is much easier to watch a video. That’s why i created a video review of the DDJ ERGO to help you guys. Hope you guys enjoy.

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