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The Best Affordable Dj Speakers.

The Best DJ Speakers 

-Quality at an Affordable Price!-

When it comes down to DJ speakers, you need to know what you are looking for! Buying the first set of speakers that you find is definitely not the right choice for you. Of course, if you already are a DJ it’s be a different story!

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Well, i think that even before you start looking for some there are a few guide line that you can follow. First thing first, you’ll need to know for how many people you will perform for. Are you a DJ for Private Parties, Weddings, Clubs etc..? Obviously if you only do Private Parties, you definitely won’t need powerful speakers...

The Best Dj Headphones

Being a Dj is not as fun as it sounds like. Don’t get me wrong if you love music i am sure you’ll enjoy or maybe you already do! But in my Dj career i’ve understood that other then knowing how to mix tracks, GEAR is another important aspect. Certain products like mixers, CDJ’s, Headphones etc. can limit us to do our job properly. An underestimated piece of DJ gear are Headphones. The concept is simple. How can you perform at your best if you can’t hear the music properly in your ears?

There are many headphones for DJ out there. Finding a good pair or just simply the ones for your needs can be a bit tricky. Since i’ve changed quite a few headphones, i thought will be nice to list the best DJ headphones out there in this article and do the hard work for you!

Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-2000MK2-S


5 of The Best Microphones for Recording Rap Vocals.

Best Microphones for Recording Rap Vocals.

To obtain the best result when recording your rap vocals, you’ll need a good microphone, of course. There are so many microphone out there and if you don’t know which one is best for you, deciding the one to buy can be quite a challenging task. After a lot of research and just by asking my friends that rap, i came up with 5 of the best microphones for recording rap vocals.

Everybody has a different financial situation and a different budget to follow. For this reason i came up with the best microphones for recording rap vocals going from as little as $100 to more than $600. Obviously the price has a big influence on the quality of the microphone and consequence the quality of the recording...

The Best 3 Low Budget Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors are definitely a “core” piece of equipment if you want to get really good mix.   you want to buy once to use them for a long period of time. No matter what your budget is, saving a bit of money never hurts. So I thought i’d make this article, to give you an idea, and explore some good option you have .

I did a research and i found some low budget studio monitors that have a nice reputation and many music producers uses. Obviously, the more money you allow to spend, the better the quality can be. But sometime, when you are looking to a certain price range, the price doesn’t mean good quality. So, if you compare a pair of  studio monitors  with some others that have the same price range, also if the price is low they both have the exact same quality...

Multifunction Sampler – The Elektron Octatrack

The Elektron Octatrack.

The music technology is moving fast, faster then we all think. MPC, MPD, midi keyboard and all the rest they are always evolving. Today we introduce the coolest multifunction sampler, the Elektron Octatrack. This Multifunction sampler is very advanced and you can basically do anything you want with it. Manipulating and sampling music thanks to this Multifunction sampler is quick! Sampling, slicing and composing all built into a compact device easy to carry around and smarter then the human brain. Before getting some good sound out of this Multifunction sampler, quite a bit of practice just to getting confident with the device is a MUST...

JUSTIN BIEBER drives woman insane !!! – Find out some COOL accessories about Justin!!! – Surround yourself with Bieber!!


Image result for justin bieber

This guy has been since a young age  under the scene light!! He became famous thanks to Youtube!! During the music career he made a few trouble, but not even the bad image could stop him to become famous. We must admit that Justin is a very good looking boy, he drives his fans crazy and has broken many women’s heart already. So i was thinking to list some COOL gadgets and accessories about Justin and share them with you. I only got THE BEST for you because as you are a JUSTIN BIEBER fan you deserve the best!!!

Have a look to these coll accessories.



Image result for pigiama justin bieber

Look at this amazing pyjama, you would love to go in bed wearing that pyjama, would you ???? I love it VERY COOL!!!

(Click HERE for more inf...

7 Things you didn’t know about JUSTIN BIEBER’s life!!! – The young star declares to be a NEW MAN!!!/ Music News and Article

The unknown of

Image result for justin bieber


The young and hot man, like women describe,  has only become famous in 2008 after a talented music manager discovered him on Youtube, while he was singing a song. Straight after he was discovered, the manager contacted him and since that day his music career started!!

Justin has been judged a lot by his fans and his haters!!! But this didn’t put his young mind and his cheeky figure down. To be in the business since  young age like Michael Jackson proofs already for him to be a strong minded person.

You have probably heard on the news or on social media about his weird way to deal with things and the bad decision he made!!!

Well is time to reveal you some more and inform you about things of Justin that you probably didn’t know.

TOP 7 Things you didn’t KNO...

Do you love Bruno Mars??? Surround yourself with some COOL accessories of Bruno Mars !!! – Only the best!


Image result for bruno mars picture

We love him all the way!!!

The famous music star Bruno Mars, in the last five years has been the new playboy icon for woman and definitely a new model  to follow for man !!!

Listener go crazy for his music which is really funky and groove , but not only!!! His look makes woman go crazy and it seems like to be the new Elvis Presley of our era!!

People just love him and they are not wrong!! During concert they wear clothes of Mars and i have seen some really cool accessories that people wear!!! It’s amazing!!!!

Find out some cool accessories of Bruno Mars.

I always wanted some accessories personalised because they are cool and related to your favourite artist, that’s why a did a research on some nice and cool accessories related to Bruno Mars so that you can see him and b...

TOP ED SHEERAN like you’ve never seen before !!! – FIND OUT The unknown !!! – Music news and Article


Top!! ONE MAN, 100 things to know!!!

Every couple of years or so, we come across new artists that, proposes different types of music or simply just a new way to express music. Listener are craving of these artists, one example is the new born star Ed Sheeran.

Born as Edward Christopher Sheeran on the 17th of january 1991, he represents today a big music icon figure. The very talented Ed is a guitarist, song writer and producer. He attended  the Academy of Contemporary Music and thanks to the qualification, he was able to fully be ready for is musical career.

People that went to see him live on concert declared, that he was amazing to watch as in  all his concert  he gives the best of himself and everything is played LIVE!!!!!!


Image result for ed sheeran


Lil Jon SUCCESS – 5 things you didn’t know !!! – Music news and article


When  it comes down to music especially the “crunk” genre we have to talk about the American rapper and producer Lil Jon. His real name is Jonathan Smith and he was born in Atlanta, Georgia on the 17th of January 1971.

Before becoming famous he created a group formed by him and  “The East Side Boyz ” which  released songs until 2004. In 2000 Lil Jon decide to open up his own label called BME Recordings.  Once his career was already started he had a lot of followers which went to see him on a concert at Atlanta  and every single one of them was blown away from the energy that Lil Jon and all his team had. That’s how he was talked about as “the new Guy” because of the quick growth of is audience.

But of course you probably don’t know a few things about him and th...