DRUM STICKS – How to choose the right drum stick for you!!! – Sizes, type, models…EVERYTHING!!!!


The sticks are an important tool for drummers, they are really personal  as every drummer has got a different taste of sound and a different preference.

In the market we find different kind of sticks.


Every stick has 2 initials which are a letter and a number;


 The number is to describe the diameter of the stick and consequence also the weight, the more the number increases, the smaller the diameter will be.

This number starts from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 7 , where 1 means having a thick stick and 7 having a thin stick.

 The letter is there to describe the typology of stick.

There are three letter, so three  typology  “A”, “B” and “S”.

The type “A” gives you a light sound and is more adaptable for a symphonic performance, so that is really a light stick.

The type “B” is for a band group performance and it will give you a higher sound.  A bit more heavy  and thick.

The type “S”  is for street performance , it gives you a really high sound as the stick is really thick and heavy.

Advice:  for a beginner it is always better to start with a medium- heavy stick as it will give more feeling and a better practice so when he will jump to a lighter stick it will be faster and easier  to control.




The tip can be in wood or nylon.

The nylon tip has pros and cons, the pros are that you’ll have a much more brighter sound on the  symbols and also a better rebound . The cons is that sometimes the nylon tip comes off as it is glued on but it is really rare for it to happen.

download (2)

                                                         (nylon tip)

The tip can be :

  • Oval, gives a warm and light sound and good rebound. It is used in most styles.    

                                        EXRE-MI00021-5(oval tip)

  • Mushroom tip, is used in rock style music and gives it a hard and full sound .


(mushroom tip)

  • Ball tip, is really common in jazz style as it gives a light and bright sound and also a good rebound.


(ball tip)

  • Fat tip, gives a very hard sound and is really good for symbols crashing.


(fat  tip)







There are many kinds of sticks to use. I will be mentioning the famous and most known of them.



These drum sticks are really interesting as they are able to give you the possibility to have a really dynamic sound by having the normal wooden tip and at the other side is a felt tip which gives softness to the sound and is really good to use for the symbols giving a delay to the attack .



They are used a lot with jazz music. They give a light sound, thanks to the soft touch. They can be in metal or plastic, I advise to use the metal ones as the plastic ones  snap really easily.



They are the latest invention as they are made by carbon fiber which gives a light weight and obviously a much better control  to the player.  They have a plastic cover that fits perfectly over  the sticks.

This plastic cover needs a bit of attention after many hits, as it can crack and needs to be replaced.



I have tried a lot of drum sticks and really i don’t change them anymore, i keep them the same. I kind of decided to stop trying new drum sticks and since i bought this ones i’ve never changed drum stick for more then two years…. then i got eventually got sick of it ahahah.

Zildjan 5A Nylon Black Dip Drumsticks



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i hope this guide is been helpful for you!!