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The Bronze Membership includes :

A.M.P. Bronze Membership - Earn money from music

Creating your own music shop and post unlimited products (music related) within the A.M.P. Store, so that you can have visibility from the A.M.P. visitors and community.

– Customising your shop with photos and description to let people know about yourself and what you do.

– Creating special limited offers for customers and to promote your music.

1 GB FREE sound pack, which includes: 97 Loops, 75 Atmos Sounds, 71 Hits&Explode Sounds, 28 Lazers, 50 Noizes, 66 Tonal Effects, 100 Upfilter, 106 Downfilter, 125 Short Fills & Reverse, Genuine Drum Sounds including Kicks, Snares, Toms, Snare Rolls, Crashes, Splash, Tom Rolls. Every sound is WAV and High Quality. With the A.M.P. FREE Sound Pack you’ll have a good variety of sounds, You definitely use them! 

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The shop not only lets you create unlimited products and special offers to promote your music. It has a review and comment function as well, so that customers can rate and comment your product. Reviews will help you to sell more and give a rate of your work so that the next customer already knows how good you are!


Earn Money From Your Music…Why Should i Become an A.M.P. Affiliate?

These days the music industry is constantly changing thanks to the technology progress and the internet. All around the world there are many undiscovered artists and musicians.

Becoming an Affiliate will help you to grow and achieve visibility on your music. Our shop platform allows each artist to have their own virtual shop and put their music out there, to the world and the A.M.P. Community. This is a good opportunity for every musician and artist all around the world. It has no cost to Join, so why not trying it!


Payment and Procedure.

With the Bronze Membership you automatically become an A.M.P. Affiliate and you are entitled to 90% of each sales of your own products. For example, if you sell a beat for $10, the 90% ($9.00) will be your profit. Every time a product gets sold, the customer will make the payment in the A.M.P. PayPal Account. 

In your dashboard you can keep track of your sales and your commissions (90% on each sale). The commission will be pay to you trough PayPal within 48 hours after a product gets sold. All the payment to A.M.P. and From A.M.P. are very secure as we use PayPal which is the most secure online payment option. All your data and information are as well really secure on our website. We use SSL Certificate on each page of our website to keep customers and visitors information very private and safe.

By signing up to become an A.M.P. Affiliate you will automatically agree to the A.M.P. Vendors Terms and Conditions.