Music theory can be for beginner is the most important thing that you need to know, if you want to be a good music artist.

Knowing the Music Theory for beginner is something that helped me to became a better Music Artist. I want to share with you, all i have learned during my learning process of Music Theory.  Like always, i try to keep everything simple so that is easy to understand.

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“Most of the time when i am listening to music, i am amazed from its power. It’s weird because music doesn’t exist, i can’t hold it, but i can hear it. Music Theory is what brings a music lover to become a music artist”



These days digital music has broth us into a new era of sounds. Making music it’s easy, put the metronome on, 4/4 bars beat, bass, melody and that’s it, done! Easy as that!

I think this is a positive thing, because, it has given the possibility to someone that doesn’t have the passion to play an instrument, the chance to give a sound to their ideas, without spending years and years of study and only stick to one instrument.

When i started producing music, i was lost, creating a melody or just something that sounded good, took me days to put together. Bit then one day i realised why all these blocks from converting my ideas into sound were happening. I started to research into  Music Theory for beginners and i got to know the right combination for making good music.

Music theory is something that you should know to be able to make music that make sense. Making music without knowing the music theory is not fun! Music Theory offers to you creativity and a new way to think music. I have noticed an immediate improve since when i started to get information about Music theory for beginners. When i was producing music, it all made sense. And all thanks to the music theory for beginners which i have always ignored.


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