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Top!! ONE MAN, 100 things to know!!!

Every couple of years or so, we come across new artists that, proposes different types of music or simply just a new way to express music. Listener are craving of these artists, one example is the new born star Ed Sheeran.

Born as Edward Christopher Sheeran on the 17th of january 1991, he represents today a big music icon figure. The very talented Ed is a guitarist, song writer and producer. He attended  the Academy of Contemporary Music and thanks to the qualification, he was able to fully be ready for is musical career.

People that went to see him live on concert declared, that he was amazing to watch as in  all his concert  he gives the best of himself and everything is played LIVE!!!!!!


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Lil Jon SUCCESS – 5 things you didn’t know !!! – Music news and article


When  it comes down to music especially the “crunk” genre we have to talk about the American rapper and producer Lil Jon. His real name is Jonathan Smith and he was born in Atlanta, Georgia on the 17th of January 1971.

Before becoming famous he created a group formed by him and  “The East Side Boyz ” which  released songs until 2004. In 2000 Lil Jon decide to open up his own label called BME Recordings.  Once his career was already started he had a lot of followers which went to see him on a concert at Atlanta  and every single one of them was blown away from the energy that Lil Jon and all his team had. That’s how he was talked about as “the new Guy” because of the quick growth of is audience.

But of course you probably don’t know a few things about him and th...

Watch the full trailer of 2Pac new movie – ALL EYEZ ON ME – 2Pac’s life (why he died) !!!!


Well when it comes to  gangsta rap and Rap/Hip-Hop 90’s how can you not think about the famous legend 2Pac. He has been one of the pioneer of the rap music especially the “gangsta” rap.

2Pac unfortunately died at the age of 25 on the 13th of September 1996. He was shot 6 times and unfortunately one of the bullet went trough his lung. He was brought to hospital but he died 6 days after because the injury were too bad. That day he was going to a party after he  watched a boxing match of Mike Tyson.

2Pac death has been a mystery  for more then 20 years, the shooter has never been found. People have been guessing for all this years who shot 2Pac, there are many suspect but nothing is sure !!!

During the movie history many movies were created about rapper’s life, 50 cent’s...

Sia’s TOP Secrets!!!! Face reveal!!! – Music news and articles – The unknown!!!!

Sia’s TOP Secrets.

The music world sometimes can be weird and exciting at the same time because it reveals new artist that have a life like us which they don’t want to be revealed. Sia is been in the music business for more then 20 years but she became famous only recently. In the mid 90’s she started her career as a singer in Adelaide (Australia), performing for small crowds. Her full name is Sia Kate Isobelle Furler  but obviously everybody knows her for SIA.

Since when she became famous in every performance she has never revealed her face.

The song that made her famous is the following which you have already heard for sure !!!!

There are a few more thing that you probably didn’t know about her and i am going to reveal them to you right now!!!!

Did you know she was vegan ???

In 2014 s...

5 phone’s app to make music on your iPhone or Android- The best of the best – Making music is easy!!!!!


Do you want to make music but haven’t got room at home to set up a little studio? Or are you short of money? Or you haven’t had time to sit down on your desk and just compose music?

Sometimes happens that even if  you have all the music equipment ready to be used to make music, we either don’t have time to sit down and get into it or we are just lazy !!!!

Thank god though these days the technology has made big step. You don’t actually need much to start to make your own music, all you need is a phone...

6 Reasons to love BRUNO MARS – Music news and Articles.


This days we hear a lot of music and every day someone releases a new song. Not to talk bad about music, most of the new songs sounds all the same!!!! The music audience wants something new to hear, something groovy, something that brings happiness and  that wants make you move and dance.

Well the answer to all this is the fantastic Bruno Mars, very groovy, funky  and why not, also a good looking man!!! He was able to combine the old 70/80’s sound with the new one  giving birth to a new and personal sound which only Bruno Mars has !!!


Trough out his early life he always had the love for music. He was born and raised in Hawaii by a family of musician and that’s the reason of his music passion...

Pavarotti and James Brown – It’s a man’s world / PERFORMING LIVE/ Amazing!!!!!!

LIVE Concert

Pavarotti and James Brown – It’s a man’s world.

This is one of the most beautiful performance i’ve ever seen in my life !! I can listen to this song for hours!!! The LIVE concert was organised for Pavarotti on May  the 28th 2002. It was called  “Pavarotti & Friends” benefiting the people of Angola.

Trust me  i’ve seen the video many times and i can’t stop having that weird sensation in my stomach. Believe me you will feel the same once you watch the video.

The performance is just something over the top !!! What a class, what a style and what a combination !!!!

Pavarotti,  with his Classical – Opera music and then James with his funky 70’s background, still keeping up the good work. They are both just good artist and big figure of the music world interest !!!

Real artist ar...

G-UNIT!!!!! from A to Z – Rap/Hip-Hop – Music History!!!


The group started long time ago, originally formed by the East Coast rapper 50Cent, Tony Yayo  and LIoyd Banks!!!!

Their first album debut was Beg for Mercy . Released in 2003 it sold over 2MILLION copies and was certified as a Double Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America

In 2002, on the New Years Eve the police arrested 50Cent an Tony Yayo for weapon possession. Tony Yayo had a Glock 20 and a Colt AR 15. Because he had previous problem with the Police, they gave him one year to spend in jail. In the mean time a new rapper joined the group Young Buck.

The Game joined the group one year after Young Buck. He didn’t last long, for some disloyalty  reason the group decided to remove him...

What hides behind M. Jackson’s song “Black or White” – ILLUMINATI SECRETS – Music history


Michael Jackson is a legend now and we all know. He was accused of child molesting and abuse, he had a bad childhood because of his father, he changed the colour of his skin!

Being really famous and a world music Star wasn’t as good as it sounds for Michael. He had a lot of people surrounding hime that wanted only his money, nothing else.  Is very sad to know this because he was a very fragile person and very vulnerable for the bad people out there!

When he died on the 25th of June 2009, something wasn’t right for his family. His death left a few suspicious things floating around. Jackson’s  sister released an interview saying a lot of things that weren’t right! Here below for you Check it out !



BEGINNER – What is Music Sampling ??? – OVERVIEW – Step BY step GUIDE!!!



Hi, today we are gonna talk about Music Sampling in general and most important for who doesn’t know,  WHAT  MUSIC SAMPLING IS !!!!

I want to cover the all subject so that after you read this article you have a clear idea and a general understanding of:

  • STEP #1 What is a sample
  • STEP #2 How can i make and use Sample
  • STEP #3 Difference between Sample  and Loop

#1 STEP  What is a sample.

I am going to explain you in the easiest way as possible so that you get the idea and finally get to know what a Sample is!!!

A “Sample” is a part or piece of a song that gets  extracted from a song !!!

Sampling is a technique that has been used since the 1940’s by musician that were trying to make experiments on how to create a songs from other songs ...