DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) – Music Production Software/tips -What are your needs???

DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation)

The new era of music is a lot different from the olden days.

Back in the day the only way to make music was knowing how to play an instrument, luckily now even if you can’t play any instruments you still have a chance !!!

There are many music production software in the market and i am here to tell you the most used and famous  ones, so you can choose the best one for you and maybe explore some new!!!

The most popular is:

DAW  Ableton Live 

Ableton is a complex music production software and is not for beginners.

session-osx-abletonlive(Ableton Live Interface)

If you are going to grow in your music production career and you are just jumping into a medium\professional level, then this software will be the right choice for you. at the beginning it will be a bit hard to understand , but once you got the hang of it, you’ll be laughing!

Ableton Live offers many sound effects, samples and instruments that the software has already.

I personally think that for audio recording is not the best but still good, excellent for beat making , midi controller and live set for dj’s!!!

DAW Fruity Loops;

is another software very good for the beginners.

It has many plug-in, audio effects, instruments and is also possible to connect many midi controller .


(Fruity Loops Interface)

it has a cheaper price then the other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Image line which is the company that makes the DAW has always promise free updates for life which is good!!!!

Since FL studio 12.1 has been released many changes to the DAW have been done , and now this has really been completed as good sequencer and recorder.

 DAW Pro Logic;

another beautiful software to produce music with !!!!

It has a intuitive interface which is easy to learn but still it will take time for the ones that are new to the music production as the DAW is more for the ones that are into a medium\high level of knowledge .


(Pro Logic Interface)

this software works only on Mac and it has many plug-in and really  recent good effect.

It has a drum kit plug-in which gives you the possibility to play a virtual drum kit that sound exactly like a real one.

I think is the best one i have tried for recording and producing .

Not really expensive  and is really worth the price you pay!!!!

DAW Pro Tools;

It is made by Avid and it has everything built in .

Excellent for recording , mixing , mastering and also composing.


(Pro Tools Interface)

It has many effects EQ, compressor etc. , i find it excellent for recording  and editing .

To learn it will take you months maybe years but once you know everything you need to know about the software you’ll make exactly what’s in your head, it will make your melodies dream  became true.

well…. yes Pro Tools has really everything to make a song from scratch and make it sound really professional.

I hope you got a big overview about  DAW .

Don’t give up on your music career !!!

keep up the work !!!