• Are you just  starting out???
  • Are you wanting to know anything about Recording Studio Desk before you waste any money??

well my friend let me tell you, you are in the right place!!!!


The first thing you have to be aware of is what your needs are !!!!


So how much equipment do you have and  are you planning to add other musical instrumentation  onto your collection????

Well before putting your hands onto your wallet i am gonna give you some tips. As a beginner artist i had to try stuff out before i got the right and appropriate for my personal needs so one good thing i’ve learned is to buy stuff once but good even if it would cost a little bit more, so that it will last me a long time and i won’t have to be worried about it afterwards.

There are out there, a lot of desk and i could go crazy talking about it. You could pay something like $ 2000 dollar for a kick ass Recording Studio Desk, but i know that as a beginner you may have a limited budget and are wanting to spent less money as possible.

I have a few ideas for you, let’s go and check them out :

Recording Studio Desk #1;

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation.

I actually loved this Recording Studio Desk, because at that period of my life i  only had a few  Mini Studio Monitors,  two screen and my MPD .

The shelf will be very useful for you because you cold put on it your speakers or studio monitors, having the sound coming right in your hear so that you can properly listen to the music  and try correct it if you need !!!! You could even mount at the back of the top shelf,  a microphone bracket that comes from the top, right on you like a Radio Station set up.

Very useful as well the shelf at the bottom, you could put your cd’s or vinyl, anything really if you think about it!!!.

Obviously let’s not forget about the style and it is a pretty good looking Recording Studio Desk!!!

  • Contemporary style desk in a cherry finish with black accents
  • Clear tempered glass with black border for safety
  • Chrome cylinder glass supports
  • Pull-out keyboard tray with room for a mouse
  • Castors for easy mobility

I would advice this kind of Recording Studio Desk for a beginner that has already a good basic knowledge about studio set up and don’t worry because it doesn’t cost really that much and it comes straight in front of your door you won’t have to go and get it yourself 😉 !!!!.

Recording Studio Desk #2 ;

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

I like this Recording Studio Desk a lot for its looking. That glass it makes look like everything is just shining!!!!

Features :
  • Sleek L-shaped glass desk  ideal for corner placement
  • Sturdy metal frame with reinforced plates on welding joints; black powder coat finish
  • Clear 6mm/5mm tempered glass on desktop,
  • Display shelf
  • slide-out keyboard tray

i like a lot as well the “L” shape because you could even put your computer on one side or in the corner and then have more room on the side for a 88 notes Keyboard   and on the other side your studio monitors on the little glass shelf, i think this will be a great buy also because is really a good price for its value!!! A real Bargain!!!!.

Recording Studio Desk #3 ;

Omnirax Force 24 Studio Desk Black


Like i told you before, with a nice amount of money you could buy this desk. Of course this will be good for you if you are actually doing professional stuff but not necessarily, if you have a bit of money to spent…. well why not.

Look  how well organised is though this Recording studio Desk !!!

  • Large spacious desk top
  • Monitor riser top can numerous monitors and speakers
  • Shelf at bottom of riser module for computer
  • Heavy duty casters for easy mobility and easy cabling




Every one has different  style and needs so this were just a few idea and i hope they’ve opened your mind a bit so that before you spent any money you figure out exactly what you need.

I’ll give you my example, i have changed so many Recording Studio Desks but after a bit i found a solution because i could never find the appropriate  desk for me !!!!!  I BUILT  MY OWN  FROM WOOD PALLETS and it worked the best !!

Thank you for reading my friend you are my strength!!!